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So what do you want to know about me? Where I work, what color my hair really is, or if I get along with my in-laws? You'll find more references to my career and hobbies - web 2.0 sites and blogging, than you will personal information. I just can't seem to open up in an intimately personal way online. What you'll find here is a little bit about me personally and a little more about my work life.

I grew up in New Jersey - yes, really, New Jersey. And no, I don't have an accent. I went to college at the University of Maine, majored in Business Administration with minors in MIS and Marketing. After graduating (and swearing I would never go back), I landed back in New Jersey and worked for a small independent publishing company. I learned a lot and traveled the entire country, learning along the way that I hate chain restaurants and despite what we're taught while growing up, it's still different for a woman in business than a man.

Although they gave me a great opportunity, I realized quickly there wasn't much room for growth at the company. I slowly put myself out there and found two promising offers; one in the Wall Street district in NYC and the other in Minnesota. If you know "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, you'll understand the feeling I had when making the choice. But I already knew where the Manhattan Road went. I had been in the Tri-State area for enough of my life and it was time to move on.

So in April 2003 I packed up my life and whatever I could fit into my 2 cars, drove out to Minnesota with my mom and best friend from high school. I knew two people, but since I had been in Delta Delta Delta in college, I did have a group of potential contacts to reach out to. Those women I met in the first summer are still my very good friends and without them, I wouldn't have met my husband and had my son (who is now 2).

At my new company, I started in a position similar to the one I had left. This was a larger company, with more room for growth. Soon I was promoted to the newly created International Sales Manager position. I love travel and new cultures, so this was a perfect fit. I was going gangbusters and really enjoying the challenge. My bosses gave me a great review a year later, I was due to have my first baby and life was grand.

Then I went on maternity leave and realized it's one thing to plan, but another to have life smack you upside the head with the reality of a situation. What a tough choice suddenly - baby or work, or both? I also learned that moms ARE treated differently. Yes, I knew all the men are rolling their eyes at this. No offense guys and I am not a "femi-nazi", but I just don't think anyone -singles, non-mom women, and men, can ever understand what its really like.

I decided some time off would be best for me to figure out what I was really looking for and what I wanted my life to be about. I was financially able to enjoy my son, so I figured I could try this "stay-at-home-mom" (SAHM) thing. But, turns out, I am missing the crucial mom gene. Being home 100% of the time isn't my cup of tea.

I love my son, don't get me wrong. But I enjoy working outside of my home and being productive to something a little larger. Plus, when all your conversation with your husband revolves around what color poop your son had that day, you need to get out more.

I searched for a job reasonably close to home with the promise of flexible and work-from-home hours. I certainly didn't take the first thing that came along, but mm, boy did their promises not hold up. Turns out the guys I interviewed were very lax and ok with my suggestions - and they were great to work with. But stupidly, I did not get these things written into my employment contract or clearly defined before starting. Then I found out the owner doesn't like people to be out of the office EVER. That it is a huge deal to even travel and meet business partners - ANYWHERE, including the next state over.

I worked there, met some great people, and got into the world of online media - ah ha! The work environment wasn't really for me, but the industry certainly was. This company is the reason I have my blog today. I enjoy programming, but also like interacting with people - which I believe is a main reason I love blogging so much.

To contact me directly or learn more about Search Engine and Blog consulting services, contact me at petersenk1@gmail.com.

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