Poop and a Working Mom

Yesterday morning my son pooped twice before we even got out the door to daycare. I changed him and thought all was well. As I was setting him on floor at daycare, one of the staff said, "It looks like he has a stain on his shirt. Is he leaking?" I looked and sure enough there was a spreading ooze of brown. (For those of you without kids, know that this happens on a regular basis.) She says, "You didn't get any on you, did you?" I look and don't see anything and think nothing of it at the time.

"Fine", I thought, "He's at daycare and they can change him now". (JHC! That's why we pay them $283 a week! Of course I think those people taking care of my son should be highly trained and competent, but what do they do with all that cash? Plus, my center just started using "experienced aides". What does that mean? So staff who looks like they just graduated high school can now take care of my little one? I'm sure they are nice enough, but come on, you tell me that then you up the weekly rate?!?) Ok, back to my main story.

So I'm on my way to work and the day begins. I sit down at my desk, log on, and start to work. But oddly enough, I keep noticing this faint smell of poop. Thinking that my mind is playing tricks on me, I basically ignore it for the first couple of hours. When I keep noticing the smell, I start smelling the parts of my arms that may have come in contact with the toxic substance. Sure enough, I locate a particular part of my jacket with quite a strong odor. "Crap!", I think, in more ways than one. It's a freezing cold day and I'm only wearing a thin button down under my suit jacket, plus it would just look weird alone with the skirt I'm wearing. (You also might be wondering why I didn't see the poop, well, I was wearing a black jacket, so there!)

So what's a poop covered person to do? Well, I decide to cut my losses and completely ignore the fact that I've got feces on my sleeve. I wear the jacket all day long!


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