Babysitting Resource

For those of you looking for a way to find babysitters you know you can rely on, check out Sitter City. It's free for sitters and costs a small monthly fee for parents. The great thing about it is that sitters are rated and given a score. Given that a sitter has ratings, you can see if they have been reliable, on time, good with the kids, etc.

After our previous babysitter experience (see the post "Adventures in Babysitting"), we are really being cautious. So far we've met 2 excellent sitters who have 4 - 5 star reviews. I forgot to mention the other interesting thing about Sitter City; you can search sitters by language, education, etc. We really want our son to be exposed to other languages, so one of the sitters we are meeting tonight speaks French.

We are having one sitter do a trial this weekend during the day, so we can get some shopping done for our addition. She seems great and I'm 99% sure it will go well. But you know there is the 1% that always wonders.


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