The Best Vacuum Ever - Roomba from iRobot

Free remote and 50% off shipping on iRobot Roomba!This is by far one of the coolest household inventions ever. The Roomba from iRobot, along with the Scooba, its cousin, take care of all your vacuuming and mopping needs. Think you need a maid to keep up with all the dirt in your house?

Think again. With the Roomba, you have an automated vacuum that can do its job while you are out of the house. Check out the entire line of products at
iRobot's site.

Does it actually work? Yes, I have one and am planning to order another for our second floor. I'm also planning on getting the Scooba. At $149.99, for the basic Roomba, you will definitely be happy with this purchase that will change the way you look at your floors forever.


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