IKEA, I Once Bought a Chair at IKEA

Talk about a marathon session! My husband and I arrived at IKEA at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning. After eating breakfast in the cafeteria (which was quite good, thank you), we proceeded to buy our kitchen cabinets, and wood flooring, and closet system, and lighting for the entire house, and some other miscellaneous items.

Fast forward to 7:45 p.m. and we're loading 10 carts worth of flat packed boxes onto our trailer, into the truck, and our neighbor's trailer and truck. Hmm, it all looks so good in the store. Now it's laying scattered about our garage, inside the house, and in the basement. Here comes the fun part - putting it all together.

All told, we spent a little over $5K, but we walked away with almost everything we needed to finish up our remodel. For those who doubt, you should check IKEA out. That is, if there is one near you. Their quality standards are high and they test everything for safety and durability relentlessly.


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