SC Johnson's New Automatic Shower Cleaner

Fresh out of the shower and just getting ready for today (I know, it's already 10:30 and we're just getting in a shower? But, we've already eaten breakfast too!), I thought I should let you all in on another great cleaning secret. It's the new Automatic Shower Cleaner, from SC JohnsonTM.

This little baby replaces that spray bottle that drips cleaner down your hands right after you've taken a shower. Why is this any better? Well, it hangs on your shower head and with the press of a button (after you're out of course), it waits 15 seconds and then sprays cleaner around your shower, up and down. All in all, another great time saving device to keeping duties cleaning to a minimum and keep your house cleaner. It's a $20 plus dollar investment available at most retailers, but if you visit the site, you can get a $7 off coupon.

Refills are the cost of a regular bottle of cleaner. Being suburban hippies, we found the only bummer to be the cleaner. Right now, you can only use SC Johnson refills. We thought we might be able to make our own organic cleaner and reuse the bottle, but boy are those suckers hard to open. But, as a busy mom, I still give it a 10. I'm sure we'll see competition coming into this market soon enough.

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