Wells Fargo, Quite Possibly the Worst Bank in the World

After some really awful customer service, I struggled with whether or not to post this on my blog or take further action. After letting things stew for 24 hours, I just can't hold it back. So I relay the story for you here.

My husband and I are doing an addition and complete remodel of our house. This involves paying a lot of different people large sums of mostly cash. Credit cards, while widely usable everywhere else in society, apparently haven't much caught on in the world of home remodeling. While we've already refinanced once, of course we've gone a bit over budget. We refinanced a second time, but while were waiting for the check to come in, we had to pay some people.

Along comes a a lovely credit card offer, checks with a .99% APR until 2007. Great, we only need the access to cash for a few weeks (and yes, we know about the fees for taking cash on the credit card). Excellent, we'll deposit the check, pay our contractors, and be ok. Hmm, turns out Wells Fargo has different plans.

I deposit the check and 3 days later it shows up in my account. I pay a credit card and some smaller bills. The next day, I login to check my balance, and boom! Apparently I'm $4000 in the hole. Interesting.

I try to call and talk to someone at their customer service center. I enter my ATM card number to get a live person. This live person tells me a need a password. Password? Now what would that be? My pin number, because I don't remember a password. "Well, that's something you set up when you first set up your account." Great, I think to myself.

"But, if you call back and enter your checking account number instead of ATM card, you don't need the password." Ok, so that's what I do. I get through finally and explain the situation. This next person tells me that Wells Fargo doesn't take credit card checks through ATM's, only inside branches. How am I supposed to know that. And this is the best part --- She actually says to me, "Ma'am, this information is in your terms and disclosures. If you'd like I can send those out to you if you don't have them."

Come on now, how could she even say that with a straight face? Even if I read the 100+ pages they give you when you open an account, how would I remember that one little line? Is that the one next to the line that says, "Wells Fargo intends to screw you out of all your money and treat you like shit in the process."?

This most helpful woman also precedes to tell me that any time I make a deposit larger than $1000 I should do it inside the bank. Umm, then what the hell are ATM's for? Most deposits I make are larger than that.

I'm going to end it just like that for tonight. But I'll follow up with more on my search for a good bank. Which, surprisingly enough is hard to do, even with the Internet.