The Mortgage Professor

This is hands down the best mortgage site on the Internet to visit when shopping for, refinancing, or paying down a mortgage. If you have questions about mortgages, "The Mortgage Professor" has your answer. There are even mortgage spreadsheets that you can download and customize for your particular financial situation. It's a shame that they are hidden down at the end of the sidebar. This is one site you will definitely bookmark. Here are some of the best pages, in a site with a lot of excellent, well-researched and in-depth information.

  1. Quick Tips on Major Mortgage Hazards - A consise overview of the very worst mortgage practices.

  2. Mortgage Glossary - What exactly do all those terms in the mortgage contract mean? Defined here if you've ever wondered.

  3. Mortgage Calculators - If excel spreadsheets aren't your cup of tea, try these online calculators.


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