Sync Your Cell Phone with Your Mac

The great search statistics in the sky, ShinyStat, tell me that most people come to my blog looking for info on how to sync their Cingular 3125 phone to a Mac. A random post I did a long time ago is strangely most popular. I guess you never know what those online whackos are looking for. I've done some research and determined that you are looking for "The Missing Sync" by MarkSpace. I haven't downloaded it yet, but poking around message boards leads me to believe it's the best solution out there.

Don't expect it to work 100% and absolutely perfectly the first time, but after a try or two you should be sharing contacts, calendars, and music like a pro. Now, if only Apple made cell phones, my life would be complete.


Anonymous said…
How strange.
I always come here looking for food but so far I haven't found any..
Unknown said…
Mm, I am most looking for peace and sanity online, but haven't found that either. Although venting on my blog from time to time seems to help :-)

I'll have to work on that food thing.
Anonymous said…
and now Apple DOES make phones! Wee-hee!!!
Unknown said…
I know!!! I am so excited.

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