- Another Reason to Love and Protect the Freedom of the Internet, the latest, but perhaps most well organized effort to use the Internet to make life better. In the open source spirit, anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit, comment on, and pass along general commentaries on society's issues and ways to improve the world.

A lofty goal, but their About Us section clearly lays out their ambitions and non-partisan take on changing the world. The nice part is how they encourage well-thought out "manifestos" (for an example check out the ChangeThis Manifesto). They also want people to pass along and spread manifestos that they agree with, rather than recreating the wheel.

There are a lot of internet sites that are just for fun, or encourage people to get out their (mostly) consumer frustrations. It's very refreshing to see a site using the Internet for actually doing something in a constructive manner, outside of making profits. Will they hold up to their high standards? A small note on the bottom of the page mentions the site has been taken over by 800-CEOREAD. Go luck ChangeThis!


Anonymous said…
I've been to that site before so it must be working. Someone or something I read referred me there.
It's a noble idea.Hope it continues..

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