Dr. Bill's Harley Wisdom

This is probably my first full-on blog review for no other reason than to let you know about a great blog. Dr. Bill's Harley Wisdom is a blog that provides some great takes on life's road and navigating the process of living. Updated regularly and written by Dr. Bill Emener, also the author of 19 books, it's a great read, and worth a look.

Dr. Bill writes in a style that provides some helpful tips, without preaching. His many years of experience have given him a lot to write about. He also never seems to sleep given the length and variety of posts he's able to create, while working his day job as a professor.

FYI: Through Mill City Press, the company I work with, I helped Dr. Bill set up his blog. I think he's done quite a nice job!


Anonymous said…
I read through a few of his posts. I noticed that he didn't have any comments. Strange.
I'll go back and give him one later today..
Unknown said…
Thanks Happy and Blue!

He just started posting in the last month and we wanted to get some content up before sending a ton of people to the blog.

He took to it avidly and now there is more than enough to send over traffic.
Anonymous said…
I hadn't read the FYI. So you are just spreading blogs all over the place then, ha,ha..

And my story today was a tear jerker. Kind of..
Unknown said…
That's right, I'm spreading my evil blog knowledge far and wide. Did you notice my label cloud, instead of a list of categories?

I am such a nerd, I know...

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