Thunderbird Email Client Review by HappyandBlue2

Thanks to HappyandBlue2 for guesting and writing what I agree is a fair review of Thunderbird, having recently tried to download and use it as well.

I just deleted Thunderbird for the fourth time. In all fairness I didn't really give it much of a chance to impress me the first two times. I just downloaded it, had problems and deleted it. I tried hard to get it to work for me on the third attempt but I ran into problems with my Hotmail accounts so I deleted it again.

On my fourth, and last, attempt to be one of the cool guys that uses a mail client like Thunderbird to handle my email I did have better success. I still couldn't get Hotmail to work. I really didn't try too hard though. But I did find information that fixed the return address on my emails. I found it by chance when searching Google.

So, I had Thunderbird installed. I had my Gmail accounts set up properly. The mail system was notifying me of new email . And my emails I sent worked the way I needed them to.

The problem is that in the end I didn't find that Thunderbird really did anything much for me personally. For example:

1) I couldn't use my Hotmail accounts in it. So I still had to check them separately. And yes, I'm sure there is a workaround somewhere. But I do have a life outside of my computer time and I am sick of trying to search for it.

2) I couldn't access my junk mail (which sometimes really isn't) or my deleted mail (which I sometimes check back on for whatever reason) from Thunderbird.

3) I have been using ePrompter for quite some time now to notify me that I have mail. It accepts all my accounts, even the Hotmail ones. Thunderbirds notification system isn't better. In fact in my case it was worse because of not being able to get Hotmail accounts to work.

4) I still had to go into my Gmail and Hotmail accounts regularly to delete messages. So why not just go there in the first place.

5) I could write emails using Thunderbird. But I can do that in Gmail or Hotmail. So why bother. It didn't seem any easier or better. And my address books in each separate account were already there. I really have no clue how to get separate address books in Thunderbird. I'm
sure there is a way. But it would involve searching. And setup, and testing, and…

If you have endless time or you enjoy searching on Google it would probably be fun for you. In an "I like to spend my time tinkering with software" kind of way..

But, if you want a simple way to deal with your email then stick to checking your accounts online. And get a program like ePrompter to notify you of new mail. ( I use ePrompter. I'm not endorsing it as the be all/end all in email notification. It's simple and it does what I want..)