Normally when I sign up for a new service, especially one related to networking, I give it at least a month or so to see how the service works, before writing about it here. But I have just implemented something on my blog which has lead to a 10% increase in site traffic.

I believe the reasons for this are two-fold:
1. It's a relatively new site/widget, so my chances of being pulled up by new users are high.
2. It's a great implementation of a service many people are signed up for already - LinkedIn.

If you are a member of LinkedIn, and have a blog, I would highly recommend implementing LinkedInaBox. I can't make promises, but I do believe this will make a difference in your traffic, and who knows, perhaps help you connect with some of your readers (or find out you're already connected). It simply places a small graphic in your sidebar that allows readers to easily access your LinkedIn profile information.


Dr. Bill Emener said…
Thanks Kat!
I just signed up for it and will let you know my experience with it in a month or so.
Thanks again,
Unknown said…
Neat! Definitely let me know how it goes.
Dennis Smith said…
Thanks for the heads-up on this! Even if it doesn't drive more traffic, I still like it!

Like your blog!

Unknown said…
Thanks Dennis - glad you've found something useful here.

I really like LinkedIn's ability to distill your "resume" into an easily understandable online format.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your blog. You introduced me to technologies that I ain't familiar of. Some of the applications you recommend like this one "linkedinabox" must be given a try.

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