Mike's Money Making Mission

Spam? I'm sure that's what you thought when you saw the title of this post. That's what I thought too. Money making schemes abound on the Internet. All those sites promising instant riches for the low price of $599.00. And they never quite disclose what they are doing and exactly who they are.

Mike's blog is different. There are three reasons to read his blog:
  1. Increasing your site traffic
  2. Looking at what it takes to set-up and grow a blog.
  3. Figuring out how to pay for all that time you spend blogging.
He's not out to sell you an over-priced course or ebook. (Yes, he does have ads on his site, just like everyone else.) He is an old-school business man, with a history of success, scientifically approaching the idea of making money with a blog. That is, approaching it with an open mind, a set goal, and complete transparency.

He's upfront and discloses everything: which advertising programs he is using, where his traffic is coming from, and the reasons he has added or taken out a program. His weekly reports are worth the email subscription - even if your only aim is to figure out how to increase your blog's traffic.

Visit Mike's Money Making Mission - you won't regret it - and best of all, it's free!


Dr. Bill Emener said…
Hi Kat,
Thanks for the Post and link to Mike's blog. I was just looking at it... very informative! And interesting!
About a week or so ago I was on a blog that was addressing "dishonesty in Post titles." Basically, the bloggers were discussing how some blogs can't be trusted because there are so many ulterior motives driving the content.
I have learned to enjoy the Internet and some occasional blogging... unfortunately, it also has influenced me to be more cautious and many times even suspicious. That's not my basic nature, but...
Thanks again,
StatMan said…
Thanks again for another good "find." This is one of the things I like about blogging. People who find good stuff are willing to share their finds rather than just keeping the good stuff to themselves. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Thanks Statman. It is also nice to hear feedback. Appreciate you stopping by and letting me know.

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