Mike's Money Making Mission

Spam? I'm sure that's what you thought when you saw the title of this post. That's what I thought too. Money making schemes abound on the Internet. All those sites promising instant riches for the low price of $599.00. And they never quite disclose what they are doing and exactly who they are.

Mike's blog is different. There are three reasons to read his blog:
  1. Increasing your site traffic
  2. Looking at what it takes to set-up and grow a blog.
  3. Figuring out how to pay for all that time you spend blogging.
He's not out to sell you an over-priced course or ebook. (Yes, he does have ads on his site, just like everyone else.) He is an old-school business man, with a history of success, scientifically approaching the idea of making money with a blog. That is, approaching it with an open mind, a set goal, and complete transparency.

He's upfront and discloses everything: which advertising programs he is using, where his traffic is coming from, and the reasons he has added or taken out a program. His weekly reports are worth the email subscription - even if your only aim is to figure out how to increase your blog's traffic.

Visit Mike's Money Making Mission - you won't regret it - and best of all, it's free!