Have you ever wanted a personal assistant? If you're a living, breathing human, the answer to that question is probably yes. But if you're also like the majority of us normal folk, the cost of actually hiring a personal assistant keeps you from even seriously considering it.

Enter It's the missing link between your own personal assistant and occasionally being able to hire out tasks when you're really pressed for time. Think of it as an Ebay for people who need something done and those who are qualified and willing to do it. lets you find someone to type up the notes from your business trip, design a room, pick up your dry cleaning, or organize your office. My favorite things about the site:
1. Easy to sign-up.
2. Escrow payment system.
3. Employer and Assistant rating system.

Try it out the next time you have a project you don't have time for or don't want to handle. If you do, let me know how it works out.


brad nix said…
Have you used this service? IF so, what did you have done/do and how did it go?
Unknown said…
Right now I am in the middle of having a room designed. We are renting our house and our little boy's room (with blue carpet) will be turned into a little girl's room!

So far, the bidding process, escrow, etc, has gone pretty well. I found some things I had to search for (like how do I pay, accept a bid, etc) but overall it was fairly easy.

As soon as I have feedback, I will do an updated post. Let me know if you decide to use it.
StatMan said…
I think I would have trouble using a service like this. First of all, I wouldn't trust someone else to type up my notes from a business meeting. Sometimes I can't even read my own writing :) And I usually want to speak to the person face to face when I need assistance. Most of the time I want to do things myself. Maybe I'm just too much old-school or too much a do-it-yourselfer. However, I'm sure there are a lot of people who could benefit from this type of service.
Unknown said…
One of the nice things about the service, is that you can limit the geographic area where you post the job. Also, people are rated on their past performance, so that is nice. For the room design I am working with a designer face-to-face. We just used the site to connect.
Dr. Bill Emener said…
Hey Kip,
So glad you're back... during your absence I have missed your blog and your helpful and insightful suggestions and recommendations.
Somewhat akin to statman's concern, I would be less than sanguine about having someone attend to my tasks. However, if I could meet with the person (as you have done with the designer), I would have an opportunity to gauge trustworthiness, etc.
I'll check it out (and not just for seeing if I could find someone do my lawn without killing my grass -- LOL).
Unknown said…
Hi Bill!

Good luck if you do try it - and please email if you need any help using the interface, I think they have a little work to do on the navigability (is that a word?).

If you do use the service successfully, please let me know - positive or negative.

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