Make a Difference: 5 Sites to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint is a lot easier on the Internet. Because, admit it, was anyone actually doing it before? Run scenarios that can show you how simple changes (like putting in energy efficient bulbs or walking just a bit more) will make a difference. My own impact turned out to be a lot larger because even though I do recycle, we have energy efficient light bulbs, and walk often - we also fly many times a year.
  2. BP
  3. Carbon Footprint
  4. Earthday Network
If you are making more of an impact than you like, you can change your behavior, or use a carbon exchange site to offset your heavy use of energy.


Dr. Bill Emener said…
Hi Kip,
I went to the Carbon Counter and discovered that with just making one less trip per week around town and using my bicycle one time per week for my nearby runs I could reduce my Carbon Productivity by 18%. Not much of a sacrifice for a reasonable amount of gain.
I'm meeting a friend for dinner this evening here on the Beach and will ride my bike instead of taking my Jeep.
Unknown said…
I hope that ride to the beach was nice. I am trying (although not always succeeding) to walk or bike more. Luckily we have a nice little shopping center about a 5 minute walk from the house.

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