Gift Ideas - Part I, The Jitterbug

My mom wants a cell phone. What's a blogger to do? She still doesn't really understand how her car stereo works, so a selecting a cell phone is a monumental task. She needs a phone that actually makes the process of sending and receiving calls easier than sending a man to the moon. My mom's smart, but she just doesn't want to spend hours learning to operate a cell phone, and I don't blame her.

Enter the friendly phones pictured below, the Jitterbug Dial and Jitterbug OneTouch. Jitterbug, the company, offers two phones - one with a regular telephone keypad or one with only three buttons - Operator, 911, and a button you can personalize with "FRIEND," "HOME," "TOW," "WORK," or "MY PHONE," (no programming needed of course).

This just might be a great Christmas gift! Does anyone out there have experience with these phones? If so, let us know!