Gift Ideas - Part I, The Jitterbug

My mom wants a cell phone. What's a blogger to do? She still doesn't really understand how her car stereo works, so a selecting a cell phone is a monumental task. She needs a phone that actually makes the process of sending and receiving calls easier than sending a man to the moon. My mom's smart, but she just doesn't want to spend hours learning to operate a cell phone, and I don't blame her.

Enter the friendly phones pictured below, the Jitterbug Dial and Jitterbug OneTouch. Jitterbug, the company, offers two phones - one with a regular telephone keypad or one with only three buttons - Operator, 911, and a button you can personalize with "FRIEND," "HOME," "TOW," "WORK," or "MY PHONE," (no programming needed of course).

This just might be a great Christmas gift! Does anyone out there have experience with these phones? If so, let us know!


Dr. Bill Emener said…
Hi Kat,

Thrilled to see you active again! It's been awhile... too long.
I plan to look into this... as a possible Christmas present -- for myself. I appreciate your gentleness with your Mom's technology-challenged way. Sometimes it's tough on those of us for whom at one time a call came in on a tomato soup can attached to a string.
Ciao for now!

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