A Long, Long, Time Ago. . .

I pulled up my blog for the first time in awhile today. The shock, the horror, the guilt when I realized just how long it has been! November 24th of 2007! 2007! That's eons ago.

Blogging was an enjoyable hobby for me, but one that caused me to sneak into a dark corner late at night - a source of contention, to say the least. So for many months I put the computer away, tried to pretend that glowing light wasn't calling my name. But then those thoughts started creeping in, thoughts like, "I never finished that ten-step tutorial.", "I was actually starting to make some money.", and "I LIKE writing and learning about new things online."

So here I am today, wondering what took me so long to get back on board. No promises for any type of posting schedule, but I'm ever hopeful there are a few minutes past midnight just waiting for me to start typing.


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