In Love with a iPhone

I am officially in love, 120%! With my phone. Over the past year, I have had 4 cell phones. I've had a blackberry, a palm, a windows based phone.  A long, long time ago I remember something about a phone with a green screen and black text. You could say that I'm a phone addict or a shop-a-holic (when did that become a word anyway?), but I would say not.

I was just searching for the one true love. That phone that finally fulfills the promise that Back to the Future I, II, and III left us from the 80's. This a phone that truly changes the way I live my life. I had a blackberry but the only thing that it was good for was checking email.

With the iPhone, yes, of course I can check email, but I can also click on links and easily browse a web page. I can quickly check the weather and watch the radar map. I have a yoga application that walks me through a session in the time limit of my choosing, complete with soothing background noises. I can easily make notes, track tasks, book hotels, find the nearest Target and do a variety of other things that in the past would have required sitting down at a computer. 

If you're considering one, I would recommend the iPhone with 5 stars. Yes it's a phone, but it is also so much more. If you're a mobile person who wants to pay bills while riding the train or book a flight while grocery shopping, you can do it and move on with life. Or if you just want to take some pictures, easily email them and perhaps watch YouTube, this phone is also for you.

Any other iPhone converts out there? 


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