5 Years Later...!

"Whoooooooooooooo....." Hear that? It's the sound of the dust being blown off this blog. Fairly early in my career, I made my way into the world of online marketing, social media, and sponsored content. Back when "sponsored content" was akin to a four-letter-word. I enjoyed it, but life intervened and I found myself, for many years, working at a financial company who abhorred social media. So conservative was this company, that I completely stopped blogging.

For years I've missed it and thoughts of reviving posts danced in my head. For whatever reason, I couldn't even bring myself to visit the blog URL, let alone imagine writing a new post. Yet, here I am today, 5 years later. 5 years! That much time has passed in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

I was shocked this morning when I looked at the date of my last post, another failed attempt to restart an activity that was not only enjoyable but even made me a small income! My favorite Japanese proverb definitely applies here, "Fall 7 Times, Get up 8". I figure I'm on attempt 6.

So much has changed in the world of online marketing. We've seen the advent of Inbound Marketing, something I welcome with open arms. A significant improvement over the "catch them with trickery" marketing of yesteryear. Provide prospects with useful information and letting them come to you? What a novel, yet incredibly refreshing idea.

Where do we go from here? That, my friends, I cannot say. I am reinvigorated and excited about what the future of marketing and the online world holds. I hope to share that with you.

Oh, and the Pats Rule! 



Unknown said…
welcome back!!
Unknown said…
Welcome back Kat. Don't know what you'll be blogging, but I'm sure it will be interesting. Ray Porter.
Kp said…
Thank you! It felt good to rip the band aid!
Kp said…
Thanks Ray, I hope you will enjoy!

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