MainelyOnline Gets a Logo!

I suppose, after 12 years, one could consider a logo might make some sense. Up until now, I haven't had a vision that spoke to me. This logo feels just right!

Did I spend thousands on a graphic designer? Not for this little old blog! I used an app on my phone, one of my favorite for creating graphics that I share online. Vintage Design is an app by Appfever Apps and I love it!

To easily create unique graphics for online or even print, I hands down recommend Vintage Design and it's complimentary applications, Hand Drawn, Chalk Signs, and Monogram. At a bundled price point of $4.99 (as of the time of this post) they are quite the steal. These apps make it easy to promote your business online with original graphics, while on the go.


Logo Zila said…
When new companies or organizations request a logo, a good designer will say, “You don't just need a logo, you need a brand identity.” But the Logos are part of the Brand identity

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