How to Start Your Own Podcast - In 5 Easy Steps

Can you start your own podcast? Yes! You can!

I'm pretty new to podcasting. Surprisingly, it's not that hard. To read more about my journey to the podcasting universe, check out Who, Me? Start a Podcast? 

To find out how to start your own podcast, follow these 5 easy steps:

1. Figure out something you like to talk about. A lot. If you can find a partner in crime or people to interview about your topic, even better. The back and forth banter really keeps the conversation going! You do not need to write a speech or a script. A general outline of what you want to talk about is usually enough.

2. Get a microphone - there are many choices. You can record on using your built-in microphone for free, spend $20, $100, or thousands. A popular choice is the Yeti Microphone, it's a good mid-range that doesn't cost much and sounds great!

3. Download Audacity. This is free software that will help you record and edit your podcasts.

4. Download LAME . This software allows you to export MP3's so your podcasts can be enjoyed by the world!

5. Publish online. Upload to Google Drive, your website, your blog, or iTunes.

Get out there, it's fun!


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