Podcast Episode 1 - Meet Lisa & Kat!

Episode 1 - Meet Lisa & Kat! Power of Transparency Podcast 

Power of Transparency Podcast with Lisa Liberatore 

Conversations about motherhood, careers, owning a business, and personal relationships.

My good friend Lisa roped me into her world philosophy of "just get it done"! Using our complimentary skills in technology (Kat) and time management (Lisa), it took us less than two weeks to go from idea to our first Podcast. We're now editing the second and third!

Episode 1 - Meet Us! - Lisa and Kat

In this episode, we give you an introduction to us. Who we are, where we came from, and a bit about our lives and careers. You can get a feel for how we will discuss topics and what is important to us. We love hearing from our readers and listeners, so please feel free to get in touch!

  • Katrina@crookedsteeplehall.com
  • Lisa@poweroftransparency.com

To learn more about Lisa, check out her site, www.PowerOfTransparency.com and stayed tuned for her book, "Power of Transparency", coming out Summer of 2017!

To learn more about me, poke around this website or visit www.crookedsteeplehall.com to learn more about my passion project, Crooked Steeple Hall!


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