Snapseed - Hands Down the Best Photo Editing App for Mobile

What were my photos like before Snapseed? Whether they came from my fancy digital camera or my iPhone 7, the most editing I did was using a filter on Instagram or Facebook. I thought that was good enough.

Then a friend introduced me to Google's mobile app, Snapseed. Instantly, my photo quality was much better. The app is very easy to use and provides an in-app tutorial to introduce you to the basics. There are versions for both iPhone and Android. The best part about the app besides its awesome photo editing capabilities? The fact that it's free

Less than two weeks into playing around with it, I feel very comfortable editing a photo in less than 5 minutes. What a difference it makes! Here are some before and after examples.

For more tips and tricks on using Snapseed to up your photo game, check out these links:


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