Adventures in Babysitting II

In case anyone is interested, we did confront both the babysitter and her parents (She was 14 by the way, I think someone asked about that.)

The parents were angry, but apparently she has been drinking and stealing stuff a lot recently, so they weren't 100% shocked.

When we confronted her about it, she admitted everything and her excuse was "There are a lot of things going on at home and school." She did apologize but my husband and I both agree that she was just telling us what we wanted to hear. She definitely didn't "get it".

Her parents suggested we make a list of all the things she stole with associated costs. We were on the fence about it, but then we got our cable bill. Turns out she had also been ordering movies! So we are going to do a cost list and they can decide together what to pay. This girl has actually cost us more money that we paid her for babysitting!

Well I think we did the right thing...


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