Adventures in Babysitting

We thought we had the perfect babysitter - she lives 3 doors down, her parents are very involved, and she's taken the Red Cross babysitting course. What more could you want?

That is, until, one Saturday night 2 weeks ago. She called us while we were out, claiming her parents wanted to know exactly when she would be home. Ok, we thought, a little controlling of the parents, but it's nothing extraordinary.

Being the party animals we are, we got home around 10 p.m. and walked her home. Settling in to watch some SNL, we noticed that she had eaten all the snack pack puddings (the big boxes that come from Costco!) Again, not completely out there, but it made us think.

As my husband was getting a drink, he noticed something odd. A 1.75 vodka bottle that we had received for Christmas, and never opened, was half full! Not only that, all the vodka bottles were missing a substantial quantity of liquid. We don't even like vodka and no one else has been in our house alone since Christmas. The crazy part is, our babysitter has only been in the house twice. Which means she drank over a liter of vodka in one or two sittings! Since we don't drink much, we're not sure if she did this all in one night (I hope not!) or two.

I'll admit, I was a wild one in high school. Yes, I drank alcohol and yes I was not always the perfect child my parents wished I was. However, babysitting was something I did a lot of, and I NEVER, EVER, would have even thought of drinking while babysitting. Needless to say, we won't be hiring her again.

Now we have a dilemma - do we confront her? Her parents? Both of them together? Since she could be endangering other people's kids, we are going to talk to her parents. (We just need to get the balls to do it.) And lastly, who the hell is going to babysit our kids now?!

Oh, and a great PS to this story, we also realized that twice after she has babysat, the memory card to our camera has gone missing. This makes the 3rd card we've had to buy in less than 2 months! I can't remember if there were any important pictures that I hadn't yet downloaded, I really hope not. We're still wondering how we can slide that little issue into the conversation with her parents.


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