Cubicle Chaos

I just realized I've been writing a lot about babysitters and kids resources, so I thought about getting back to another subject. So today I'm going to talk about the great fun of cubicles. My last job I had a huge office, with a wall of windows. Maybe I should of had an inkling about things when I was shown my "office" here; a cubicle with not a hint of outside lighting.

Hmm, I didn't really think about it at first, but now I am starting to get "tunnel vision" and really not liking it. Not to mention, I am next to the sales floor, which has the lovely habit of pulling a chicken which makes this god-awful noise, when they get a big sale. Ok, I can appreciate motivation and the idea of the chicken is fun. But when you're talking to a VP or CEO and they hear that in the background, it can be a little disturbing.

Since I'm on a roll here, I guess I'll keep going. The other little annoyance is whispering. The person near me will have semi-private and private conversations with other employees, all in whisper tones. And of course, what does that do? It makes your ears perk up, just because it's whispering. A little bit of it, ok, but when it's a 20 minute plus conversation...AH! I don't care what the hell they are talking about, just that if they are going to talk for that long, to go somewhere else. You're interrupting my blogging here! Just kidding on that last part....


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