Unbelievable Article in a Top Financial Magazine

So I'm gettting ready to write this scathing post about an article by Michael Noer. Then I ponder, by posting a link, am I actually helping Forbes, when I really don't want to be? Perhaps. So here is what I propose. If you read the article and it annoys you as much as it annoys me, cancel your subscription to Forbes and pledge not to read it online or buy it in the stores.

Given that the only women actually reading Forbes are career women, one wonders how an article that blasts marriage to career women was allowed. A warning before going any further, this Forbes article and the ongoing debates are not for the weak. Basically, the article says that all career women are the devil, and any self-respecting man would never want to marry one.

Without further ado, here is the link to the original article and an ass-covering counterpoint written by another Forbes staff member.
Don't Marry a Career Woman.

Enjoy and please comment here. I would really love to know what you all think about this article. If you're really passoniate one way or another, you can also send an email to Forbes at readers@forbes.com.


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