Banking, Part II

After more than several bad experiences and high fees stemming from just about everything at Wells Fargo, I've set out on the search for a customer friendly, socially responsible bank that isn't all about screwing their customers. Easy, you say, especially with the power of Internet search at your fingers.

Ah, ha! Not so fast. Not only is difficult to find any type of bank rating (customer service wise, fees schedules, etc), it's pretty much impossible. Considering myself fairly net savvy, I've spent countless hours over the last week trying to find some objective rating of banks in Minnesota. The sites I came across were of two types:
  1. Corporate sites for the banks themselves such as or
  2. Consumer created sites discussing how awful big banks are and offering horror stories. Check out this list of sites about Wells Fargo or visit
The only ratings I came across were in a Consumer Reports article (which I paid for because I really want to switch to a good bank). However, I was not impressed. The article has a very general overview of banks (of course Wells Fargo is 3 from the bottom) and all the well-rated banks don't do business in Minnesota.

As far as I can tell, there is no great consumer generated rating system of banks in a particular city, state, or region. So how am I know what I am in for unless I personally try out every bank or collect the information, compile it...oh, who am I kidding? As pissed off as I am, there is no way I'm going through all that work. But it's got me thinking. Maybe there is a need for something like this online, like a digg for banks and their services.