BP's Carbon Footprint Calculator

A neat little tool for calculating your household's yearly carbon footprint. I did mine and came up with 26 tonnes, ugh! That's a bit higher than the us average of 19, which I'm sure is higher than the rest of the world. And here I thought I was recycling and doing good things for the environment.

Well given that, I've decided to do several things:
  1. Actually take the bus every day. Sounds easy but it requires some preplanning. On the upside, it makes me walk about 2 miles a day and gives me a nice walk in the morning with my son.
  2. Cut down on the driving. If I can walk or ride my bike to get something (groceries, books, toilet paper, etc) I will make my best effort. The upside? I'll be saving money and getting in shape.
  3. Try to buy in bulk items that have less packaging and then break things up into smaller portions at home with reusable Tupperware containers.
  4. Keep the heater a bit lower in temperature and keep my slippers and sweater close by.
To try and calculate your carbon footprint and get suggestions for making a difference, visit BP's site .


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