Can You Cough A Little Louder Please?

My recent posts have been mostly about cool cleaning gadgets, and this one strays from that thread. Last night was one of the longest nights I have ever had as a parent. (Including the night in labor, where I at least had morphine to sleep.)

Last night, my son developed this dry, hacking, if-I-cough-hard-enough-I-might-puke, cough. We tried everything - milk, juice, Robitussin cough and cold (for children of course), Motrin, and even a cough drop (don't tell on us, since he's not technically past choking danger age, but at that point we were desperate). It started at 1:50 a.m. and although he's asleep right now, he was coughing all the way through breakfast.

I feel sorry for him (he's just as exhausted as we are), but at the same time, part of me just wants to yell, "STOP COUGHING! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!". However, luckily I am not yet a complete zombie and able to control myself somewhat. We'll probably try a dehumidifier tonight and some more medicine, if that doesn't work, we're off to every family's most visited location, the doctor's office.

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