Mvelopes Personal: The Simple Smarter Budgeting System - Really!

Had enough talk about money and finances? I didn't think so. If you're looking for an online budget solution that doesn't require you to download files, import into your personal financial software, and spend time reconciling, Mvelopes Personal might be for you.

Believe it or not, this is very similar service to one that Wells Fargo used to offer with their online banking. I was pretty disappointed when they stopped offering the service and was on the look out for something to fill the void. Enter Mvelopes, a new online personal finance and budgeting tool. You enter all your login information for bank accounts, credit cards, brokers, etc. You set budgets (all online of course). Mvelopes takes it from there. No software to load, no Cd's to keep track of, and no extra memory needed on your computer. If your computer bites the dust, no worries, because your family's financial information is stored on their servers.

Set-up is fairly quick and easy. I'll admit I've had some issues syncing accounts, especially where we have more than one account (for instance, my husband and I have 2 discover card accounts). But as with any new product, things are improving all the time. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a faster and easier way to manage and take control of their finances.


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