Plaxo's Customer Service, Or Lack Thereof

For quite a few years now, I've been using this sweet little service called Plaxo to keep track of my contacts and update people on my career moves. In case you haven't heard of it, the website and accompanying Outlook plugin work like this:
  1. Upload your contacts.
  2. Create your personal/business information card.
  3. Send out updates to all your contacts at once.
  4. Get automatic updates from any contacts who are also members.
Plaxo cuts down the boring time you have to spend updating contacts in Outlook or whatever other contact list you use. I thought it was a great thing. I liked the site so much, I even paid $39.99 for a yearly membership for VIP support.

That is, and you knew this was coming, until somehow the site created 8000 contacts out of the real 500 or so I have. Suddenly, I can't login to my plaxo account, update contacts, or really do anything with the account. And what good is an account I've paid for, but can't use, and that is causing me more headache than helping me out?

I have been a good customer. Three times now I have accessed the online chat function of Plaxo support. Three times I have been told the problem was referred to the engineering department and someone would call me within 24 hours. It's now 5 days since my last help chat session. Surprise, Surprise, no call or even an email to update me. I even tried calling their corporate office, but you get stuck in a voicemail loop that just keeps giving you email or website addresses.

During my last chat session, I played nice, and promised to wait until Friday for a response. Easily done, replied the customer service rep. Well, today is Friday and no response. Just to give them one last chance, I've sent an email to their blanket "" address. I'll wait until this afternoon, but if I don't get a response, I am disputing the charge on my credit card and refusing to pay. Probably won't do much, but it will make me feel better.

It's too bad when a great product has lousy customer support like this. I'm going to miss using Plaxo. Then again, I guess I wasn't using it the last month anyway. The worst part about all of this? Now I'll need to go through all my contacts, one at a time, and contact them for updates. A project I am not looking forward to.

Ps. Throughout this post I have purposely not provided a link to Plaxo, but if you are itching to get a look at their site, click here.


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