Life, Liberty, and Free Bagels for All!

Since I'm usually on here complaining about some bad customer service experience, I thought I would share something positive. My day started out with the quest for breakfast at Bruegger's bagels. While waiting in line, I zoned out staring at a poster of the "12 Bad Bagels" (i.e. those burnt, ripped in half, unacceptable bagels). I guess I didn't hear my name being called until someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I quickly said "Oh, sorry, just studying that poster of the bad bagels. That is pretty intensive stuff". Ha, ha, got a good chuckly out of everyone in line. I put in my order, grabbed some juice, and went to pay. To my suprise, the manager, I assume, said, "If you can tell me two things on that poster, I'll buy your breakfast." Well, luckily when I said I was staring at the poster, I meant it. I got two out of two with the "bagel burnt on the bottom" and the "bagel with chunks missing". Free breakfast! What a great way to start the day. Thanks Brueggers!


Anonymous said…
Wow, that's excellent!

How I miss Bruegger's, now even more so. Thanks for the smile.
Unknown said…
Miss Brueggers? Where would you be that you can't access a Brueggers? Oh yes, looking at your blog now I remember. But don't despair, the food where you are is much better!

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