UBuildIt With A Little Help....Tales of a Remodel Gone Mostly Right

My husband and I are just wrapping up the final stages of our 4 month remodeling project (just a little painting and some furniture moving left to do). When I say remodel, I really mean that nothing of the original house remains except the foundation and framing. While we didn't completely knock it down, there wasn't a wall untouched, there's a new roof, and now the house is twice as big.

My husband, being a teacher (yay for summers off!) and a fairly handy guy, saved us a lot of money by doing the framing and a lot of the work himself. And just when I was starting to lose it (literally, losing my cell phone, my keys, going to weddings on the wrong weekend) I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now things are almost done, we actually got to make and eat dinner in our kitchen last night, I'm breathing a little bit easier. Our son finally has some room to run around and his own room back!

We didn't hire a general contractor (I've heard enough horror stories that we knew we needed a little more control) but we didn't go completely alone either. Since we wanted some level of control, but still needed some help organizing the process, we used an in-between solution, a contracting consultant. Which, I believe, is a term that the company we worked with made up, but a good term nonetheless. The company, UBuildIt, helps you by laying out bids, spec'ing out the process, total cost, and approximate construction timeline. A good place to start if you don't know where to begin.

All in all, although there were frustrating moments, we've gotten a lot of feedback from the sub-contractors that we handled the process well. There were no huge hiccups, well, maybe there were but I just don't see them that way. But to go from demo to completion in a little over four months is an amazing feat!

If anyone wants ideas or has questions about living in and remodeling their house, feel free to post them here!