If you own a small business, FreshBooks might be just the thing you're looking for. Instead of buying software, like QuickBooks, and constantly worrying about updating, this is an online web-hosted solution.

I signed up for a free trial account for my family's business, Mainely Wired. It is extremely easy to set up and get running. You even get to send yourself one trial mail invoice for free. It does everything you would expect a full-service accounting software program to do. And because they outline it way better than I ever could, I've copied their table of the various service levels. My favorite part? The names of the plans, starting with "Moped". (note: links in this table don't work, but just go to the FreshBooks pricing page if you want more info.)

Select Your Plan
Choose a plan that best meets your needs
Private Jet - $39/month
Limousine - $27/month
Shuttle Bus - $14/month
Moped - FREE
# of active clients you can manage 1000 100 25 3
# of invoices you can send unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
# of staff who can access your account 3 2 1 1
Send ground mail invoices by US Post.* (Learn more)
Customer Support
Mon-Fri / 9am-6pm EST
Timesheets, Document Sharing,
Support Ticketing
Firewall protection, SSL Encryption, data backups
Your logo on your invoices
Data import/export
Unbranded emails


Anonymous said…
I don't own a small business but I am curious,ha,ha.
The company seems to be based in Canada. And they seem to be targeting the U.S.. Glad it works for you.
That is all I have to say on that.

I also checked out your families business site. Because you linked to it.
I liked the site. It isn't cluttered like a lot of business sites. And the information is clear.
Just so you know..
Unknown said…
Hi HappyandBlue,

Thanks for the comments on the post and my family's website.

I am slowly starting to transition everything we do over to web-hosted solutions. So much easier to access, use, and store.

Who really needs to buy software anymore?

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