I Thought My Story Was Bad...Breastfeeding Terrorists on The Rampage

Ha! Little do I know it can actually be worse. Apparently now you can also be kicked off a plane for breastfeeding your baby. What a march towards progress. Whether you're a father, a mother, or someone who is sick of all the puritanical crap, you should read this story.

Check out the full story.

If you are interested in supporting the effort to make breastfeeding more widely acceptable, check out the Yahoo group Lactivism. There are a lot of great links on national efforts to make the practice considered normal, like it is in every other country on the face of the planet. A tidbit from the United Nations (which weirds me out a bit) is that the average age around the world for ending breastfeeding is age 4! Wow!


Anonymous said…
Maybe it was because they suspected her babies "bottles" exceeded the 3oz limit..
Unknown said…
Oh, I never thought of that. Ha! Good point :-)

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