South Park - Picture Yourself

I only have HappyandBlue2 to thank for this wonderful Tuesday morning diversion. There is a fun little site that focuses on all things South Park. One of the best features of the site is the ability to make your own version of a South Park character. Mine is the picture in this post.

I just learned about it around 9:30 this morning, but already our entire office (of 6 people) has created their own. Highly entertaining. Try it out and pass it along!


happy and blue 2 said…
Good job. It looks just like you, ha,ha..
Chana said…
Hi there. Happy and Blue made you the link of the day, lol..and sent me here to check this out.. I did my own pic and she is quite the cutie (nothing like me really-Ha!)..thanks for the link and the fun. Sweet dreams tonight.
Chana said…
Hi. It's me again. It's early so i'm hoping your sleeping soundly away.

See, Happy and Blue 2 suggested you as the link of the day to Dr. John ( who made you his link for today. You will have visitors coming. They will surely have as much fun as we have..Thanks.
Jan said…
Like the Southpark you. Happy that I came by. I wonder if Mrs. Trouble and Dr. John like Southpark?
Margaret said…
Hi and welcome to the world of blogging!! South Park is a trip and I love that it is on way after my daughters bedtime too. =O)

Hey! You haven't seen any big ole' Tom Turkey's named Dr. John hanging around on the Blogosphere lately, have you?

Happy Thanksgiving!