South Park - Picture Yourself

I only have HappyandBlue2 to thank for this wonderful Tuesday morning diversion. There is a fun little site that focuses on all things South Park. One of the best features of the site is the ability to make your own version of a South Park character. Mine is the picture in this post.

I just learned about it around 9:30 this morning, but already our entire office (of 6 people) has created their own. Highly entertaining. Try it out and pass it along!


Anonymous said…
Good job. It looks just like you, ha,ha..
Louisiana said…
Hi there. Happy and Blue made you the link of the day, lol..and sent me here to check this out.. I did my own pic and she is quite the cutie (nothing like me really-Ha!)..thanks for the link and the fun. Sweet dreams tonight.
Louisiana said…
Hi. It's me again. It's early so i'm hoping your sleeping soundly away.

See, Happy and Blue 2 suggested you as the link of the day to Dr. John ( who made you his link for today. You will have visitors coming. They will surely have as much fun as we have..Thanks.
Jan said…
Like the Southpark you. Happy that I came by. I wonder if Mrs. Trouble and Dr. John like Southpark?
Margaret said…
Hi and welcome to the world of blogging!! South Park is a trip and I love that it is on way after my daughters bedtime too. =O)

Hey! You haven't seen any big ole' Tom Turkey's named Dr. John hanging around on the Blogosphere lately, have you?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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