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Below is a message I sent directly from my phone to When you send a text message to that email, Blogger texts you back with an access code. This code allows you to claim your mobile blog.

Claiming lets you to do one of two things:
1. Create a new blog that takes posts from your phone.
2. Link your phone posts to an existing blog.

Since I have enough trouble posting to this blog, I figure adding another blog to my list would be one too many. My phone goes with me everywhere, so there is a high likelihood I'll be posting at least pictures. I'm still not comfortable typing long messages using T9.

Try it out, it's a nice addition to the Blogger platform.

TEXT FROM MY PHONE ( highly creative, I know)

Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer


Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
Thanks for verifying. I guess I will have to enter in a title in the future, if I post from my phone that is. BTW, who really needs a computer these days? Well, if they could figure out a better way to type on a phone that would seal the deal for me.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kat,

While I remain genuinely happy for you and your highly talented technology friends, I have to admit that I sometimes fear that if I ever lost whatever self-discipline I have I would never be able to "get away from the rat race." To wit, I think expectation-management is a key. For example, I frequently tell my colleagues at the university, "I tend to check my university e-mail 24-7, but don't count on it." (And someday there may be 12-step programs for those who don't do such things.)
Unknown said…
Hi Bill,

You make a good point. However, for me I really see it as freedom. If I need to go to the park with my son, instead of "leaving the office", it comes with me. I try to preserve some tech free time of course, but sometimes there is no avoidance of blending life, technology and work. If that means I can work from home, or the grocery store, or the playground and enjoy more of life than if I was stuck in an office all day, I am all for it!

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