Microsoft Office Live

A few days ago I received an interesting email in my Windows Live Mail account. Something about a free Microsoft Office Live website. Strange, I thought, the services described looked to me very google-esque, and did I mention, free?

Since when is the world's largest software provider giving things away for free? I just had to investigate. I viewed the demo and decided I should try it out. A free domain name, website builder, and more, built right in and available online. Sounds great and worth a shot.

But ah! I should have known. Office Live is only for those who use Internet Explorer. As an avid Firefox user, I don't think I'll be downloading IE just to test it out (well, actually I can't since I have a Mac and they no longer make or support IE for apple computers). Microsoft's attempt at opening things up or a misguided way to force people to use IE, as the share of Firefox users continues to grow? If you check it out, let me know what you think.


Anonymous said…
I've looked at that before but it didn't interest me. I also use Firefox.
I find that the more I use the computer the harder it is for me to adopt new things. I judge everything online with a "Why would this be better than what I currently use". Very few things convince me to change..
As far as the internet is concerned I think I've become old and resistant to change,ha,ha..
Unknown said…
I would tend to agree with that. Once you find something that works so well, it's hard to give it up. I only switched to Firefox after hearing its praises for 6 months from a colleague sitting next to me at work.

I also find I'm particularly open to open source versus huge corporate roll-outs.
Anonymous said…
When will they learn that they can't push old products by making new ones that only integrate with their existing stuff? Morons! Go Open Source!!
Unknown said…
Open Source is much better than "Forced Source".

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