Microsoft Office Live

A few days ago I received an interesting email in my Windows Live Mail account. Something about a free Microsoft Office Live website. Strange, I thought, the services described looked to me very google-esque, and did I mention, free?

Since when is the world's largest software provider giving things away for free? I just had to investigate. I viewed the demo and decided I should try it out. A free domain name, website builder, and more, built right in and available online. Sounds great and worth a shot.

But ah! I should have known. Office Live is only for those who use Internet Explorer. As an avid Firefox user, I don't think I'll be downloading IE just to test it out (well, actually I can't since I have a Mac and they no longer make or support IE for apple computers). Microsoft's attempt at opening things up or a misguided way to force people to use IE, as the share of Firefox users continues to grow? If you check it out, let me know what you think.