10 Things to Do When You Set Up Your Blogger Blog: A Tutorial, The Introduction

Take advantage of all your blog has to offer. In this upcoming series of 10 posts, I'll give you some easy steps that will help you set-up your blog and realize its full potential. Here are the 10 steps, which will be broken out in their own how-to posts over the next 3 weeks. As I write the posts, I will link to them here.

10 Steps for Blogger Set-Up
  1. Blogger Settings - which do you select and what do they mean?
  2. About Me - Using this page to your advantage and advanced tips.
  3. Finding a focus - what are you going to write about? Why?
  4. Posting How-To's - maximizing the impact of your posts.
  5. Creating a blogging schedule - figure out how much time you're willing to devote.
  6. Design and Layout - Google ads? Affiliate Programs? Links to other sites and blogs?
  7. Building a content base - Spend 2 or 3 months posting regularly to create a robust blog.
  8. Reaching out - getting other bloggers to start reading your blog.
  9. Feedburner or Feedblitz - setting up an email subscription to your posts.
  10. Submitting to Blog Directories - help Internet users find you.
  11. BONUS - advanced tips for hacking your blog.

I bet you're wondering what makes me qualified to write about these topics. I run this blog, Wowimo, as an experiment to see what draws traffic, how people interact with blogs, and what makes them return. I dabble with advertising and affiliate programs to learn what, if anything, is worth your time as a blogger.

As part of my business, I also teach other people how to use a blog to promote themselves and their work. One of my most successful students is Dr. William Emener, a professor and counseling professional, with over 20 books authored or in print, and now, a burgeoning online presence. His blog, Dr. Bill's Harley Wisdom, is a great example of a focused, well designed, and well-maintained blog.

While I can't guarantee you'll be on CNN discussing the future of blogging and online media in the next year, following the steps in the Blogger tutorial will help you find your niche and bring traffic to your blog. Assuming you have something people want to read about and discuss, these tips will ensure you start your blogging off right.


Dr. Bill Emener said…
Thank you for your gracious comments about my blog. Giving credit where credit is due, however, I will repeat what I have said many colleagues, friends and fellow bloggers who have said complimentary things about my blog: "I had an excellent teacher!"
As I looked at your 10 Lessons, I smiled and thought, "These are the things Kat did with and for me. Terrific."
Based on my experience as a person who three months ago was scared to death and couldn’t even spell the word, "blog," I would offer the following to anyone who avails themselves to your 10 Lessons: "Be a good student, listen to your teacher, and do your homework – you’ll only get out of it what you put into it."
And speaking of being gracious – I think it’s simply wonderful of you to put these 10 Lessons up on your blog.
Thanks again,
Anonymous said…
I just discovered Bill's blog and just love it! Now it's time to peruse yours!
Miranda J said…
Katrina --

I'm going to highlight your blog as a Blog I Like -- because I have encouraged so many women to begin blogging, but they need the tools.

Any ETA on the last 4 tutorials?

Chris said…

I am using your blog in mine as a reference since I am new to this world. I will keep referring back to it.


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