AnswerTips From

Right underneath the title of my blog you'll notice a little rotating logo for AnswerTipsTM. This is a very nice tool available on the Answers website for any blogger or webmaster. Once you install the code, a visitor can double-click on any word anywhere on your site and a small pop-up window appears with the definition of that word.

Try it out. I think it's a nice addition, that is, if I can let visitors know that it's there. My only issue with the set-up is the small number (3) of graphic banners available. I'd like to see them allowing color customization or a wider variety of formats. The banners available don't seem to really the get the message across.

If you do try it, let me know what you think. Is it a worthwhile feature?

UPDATE: I'm no longer using this tool, but keeping the post up for posterity.