Cingular (Excuse me, "The New AT&T") Wireless Causes Interference with Electronics

We recently moved our TV and unplugged the surround sound system. Since then, we occasionally hear a strange buzzing sound through the TV's regular speakers. It isn't constant or occurring very often, so we could never pin down where it was coming from....until yesterday, that is, when I made a great discoery.

Turns out that, in addition to selling expensive phones that don't perform very well Cingular's network also cause serious interruption in your electronic equipment. So much so, that Cingular employees themselves aren't allowed to have their phones on in the customer service center because they cause problems with the computers. In fact, one customer even blew a speaker! Watch the video and visit the site Feeling Cingular to learn more about it.

Thanks to Elena over at Funny Business for posting about this and finally solving the buzzing mystery of Minnetonka, Minnesota.


Dr. Bill Emener said…
Hi Kip,
Thanks, I will keep this in mind as I also notice such interferences in my home. I live on the Intercoatal waterway o the west coast of florida, and I get interesting interferences from the boat radios as they pass (not to mention some of my neighbors wireless toys).
How much more interesting will our new world become?
Unknown said…
Hi Bill,

Did you watch the video? Quite an interesting piece and I believe part of someone's master thesis...

Amazing what grads are getting themselves into these days.

Dr. Bill Emener said…
Hi Kip,
Yes I did watch it... very creative and poignant. Thanks!

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