The Funniest Email Promotion this Year! Intuit Online Payments for Mac

I use QuickBooks and a Mac. I've been waiting for the day that Intuit starts to get on board that business customers actually do use Macs. So this email promotion got my interest immediately. I actually opened it, when normally I would immediately delete. An online Intuit QuickBooks program that allows you to accept credit card payments on your Mac! Sounds great upon first open and a quick read-through.

Then you read the lovely little note at the bottom:

* Note: Although QuickBooks Online Terminal is Safari compatible, it does not
integrate with QuickBooks for Mac. Card transactions must be entered manually
into QuickBooks for Mac.

Ha ha! I guess the joke it on all us Mac users. When will Intuit realize that there are actually Mac users who, surprise, also own businesses! And if I can get a third party online processing company to automatically sync with my QuickBooks, why can't Intuit do it?!


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