Quickbooks and the Mac: A Marriage Made in Hell

The latest news in Quickbooks for Mac: All the problems you might experience are your own fault, and have nothing to do with Intuit. If you, for instance, suddenly lose all your memorized transactions due to an upgrade that Intuit pushed to your Mac, it definitely is not their fault. This is something that could happen at any time (even though many other Mac users experienced the same thing right after they pushed upgrade number 4). Nope, no way, this is your fault.

And the way to fix it? Well my friends, what you must do, since you are the owner of a small business and free time is plentiful in your life, you must delete and re-memorize every single transaction. Or failing to have the time to do that, you must individually click on each transaction in the list, and select "use" from the bottom button in the window.  Or you can go into every memorized transaction and instead of selecting "Automatically" entering the transaction, you can enter something in the "number left" field - according to a guy from Intuit. 

Ugh what a mess! I called support about this issue and and the oh-so-helpful representative told me "This is not related an Intuit upgrade. Files get damaged all the time, this is something that can happen anytime. You must re-memorize all transactions." Interesting all that talk online about everyone else who got the update experiencing the same thing. And I have first hand experience, as my partner also runs his small business on a Mac, and surprise, surprise his memorized transactions also stopped at the same time as mine!

To bring further humor to the whole situation, funny that, apparently there is a work-around posted online by Ian Vacin, Offering Leader from Quickbooks for Mac. Maybe they should share with their own support team? And when you try to find an answer to this problem on the Quickbooks site on your own? It's impossible. It's as if the problem doesn't exist.

So frustrated and still within the trial period, I'm seriously thinking about returning the product and trying to find online software as service. Freshbooks and Zoho are some alternatives that get you very close, at least on the invoicing and time tracking side. 


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