Google iPhone App

I've always been happy with Google's products and services. I've been a die-hard blogger user since 2006 and always try out new services as they come out. They are always tweaking things, but it has been some time since I found something to actually get excited about.

Enter the Google iPhone App, which I recently downloaded. Why download an app, when you can just go Safari and Google from there? One of the best reasons, the new voice search. What a cool feature!

You open the Google app and hit the little microphone to the right of the search box. Then say your search terms into the phone. The app translates your voice into text. I've tried to stump the program and I will admit it's not 100% accurate, but most of the time it is spot on. What a great feature if you are, dare I say, driving and searching at the same time, or you simply don't like typing long search phrases on the iPhone.

Very nice application. Now if Facebook would only allow us to update status this way, or Twitter allow you to talk your tweets.Hmm... I can think of all sorts of applications for this functionality.


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