The Latest QuickBooks for Mac Users Joke...You Need a PC to start using the Online Version

The text below is from an email exchange that a close acquaintance of mine had with a QuickBooks rep. He desperately wants to use QuickBooks online, especially for the iphone capabilities, because he is very mobile. But it would seem that in order to do that, he needs:
1. A PC
2. A PC copy of Quickbooks

Ha ha ha! They told him later on the phone the workaround was to download a copy of the trial version of QB for PC (luckily he already has his Mac partitioned with windows installed). However, when he did that, the trial version would not let him import an existing company. Oh, goodness gracious, the laughs they provide for those of us who dare to use Macs for our business ventures.


I need a swtich my mac version to online version!!  grrr

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: QuickBooks Online <>
Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 9:52 AM
Subject: QuickBooks Online Case 1560911: Pre-Sales from Chat Interested in QB...
To: chris@xxxxxx


Thanks for your interest in QuickBooks Online Plus!

To convert your Mac QuickBooks file you must first create a backup for PC QuickBooks and restore the file.  Once the file is open in PC QuickBooks, go to file/utilities/copy company file for QuickBooks Online Edition.  This process is going to make a new file format, OE.QBW.

Once this file is created go to the following page to start a free trial:

You will be prompted to import your company file on step 3 of this start up interview.  This is the only opportunity to do so.  You will have the choice to import "All Data" or "Lists Only".  In order to import all data, the prepared file must be less than 80mb.  Otherwise, you will only be able to import your lists (COA, Customers, Employees, Vendors) with zero balances.

I will follow up with you on Monday to go over pricing, discounts, etc and to help you complete the subscription.


Jacquelyn Zlater
QuickBooks Online Sales Assistance Team

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For your reference, this email refers to the following case:
Case ID: 1560911
Question: Pre-Sales from Chat

Interested in QBO, currently has Mac QB.

[06:23:51] Lori: Hi, this is Lori. Thank you for contacting QuickBooks Online. How can I assist you today?
[06:23:53] Visitor: chris
[06:24:14] Visitor: I have qb for mac 09...  can I import my data?
[06:24:19] Lori: Hello Chris, I hope you are having a great day.
[06:24:45] Lori: To confirm, you are inquiring about changing from the Mac version to Quickbooks Online?
[06:24:55] Visitor: yes exactly
[06:25:09] Lori: Ok,

Reply directly to this email to send any correspondence for this case. Please do NOT change the TO and SUBJECT field of the email.


Unknown said…
First time reader here--I work at on QuickBooks for Mac and saw your post.

I apologize for the frustrations your friend encountered in trying to switch to QuickBooks Online. It's hard to say without knowing the details, but he may have had trouble opening his file in QuickBooks for Windows due to using a .QB2009 file instead of a .qbb ("Windows backup").

To give a bit of context, QuickBooks Online was not previously compatible with any Mac web browser. Earlier this year, they launched support for Safari. As such, we are seeing customers switch from QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online for the first time and hearing them ask for a smoother way to do so.

If you have any further questions or feedback, feel free to contact me on twitter @quickbooksmac.


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