Facebook Pages for Business 101

What follows is a public service announcement for small businesses without a Facebook page. It should only be taken semi-seriously. No Facebooks were harmed in the making of this post.

How to properly set up a Facebook Page for your business or organization.

  1. Create a personal Facebook account. We know, we know. You HATE 'the Facebook'. You don't have an account or you hardly ever use it, and of course you never check up on those far-flung friends or relatives you're embarrassed to admit you have, to see what latest thing-they-posted-on-Facebook-but-shouldn't-have. Set one up anyway. 

  2. Login to Facebook - Oh! The Horror! Don't worry. You'll live, we think.

  3. Look at the upper right of your screen. Put your cursor/mouse/trackpad/finger over the dark blue arrow to the right of the "?". It should look like this: 
    Creating a Facebook Page for your Small Business
    Creating a Facebook Page

  4. Select "Create Page". It won't bite you. If you make a mistake, you can always delete and start over. This is the Internet, nothing lasts forever here.

  5. We cannot speak for you, we know, you're special. For the rest of you 'non-special' small business owners, choose the "Small Business/Local Place" option. 
    Choosing a Facebook Page Type
    Choosing a Facebook Page Type
    Oh, no! Not that one!

  6. Choose a Category and fill in your details.

  7. The rest is up to you. Follow the directions as laid out on the screen. By reading. See sample new page below.
    Sample Facebook Page for Local Business
    A New Facebook Page, Ready For Your Business Details

  8. Questions? My god! If you can't read, how have you made it this far?! This is just a basic guide to set you on the right path, not bring you 100,000 page likes and shares in one day.

Happy Facebook Paging! You will get the hang of it soon enough. In the meantime, I may get it together enough to post some slightly more than basic page tips. Good luck and feel free to comment or message me with specific questions. I promise to be nicer in my responses, than I've been in my post. Here's a picture for proof, see, I'm smiling! 


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