Executives and Women

Why is that my company is 80% women, yet all the executives are men? Mostly everyone here has children, so it's a very family friendly culture. People definitely understand the need to leave early or come in late as it relates to children. But I still wonder why a company that has a large female majority doesn't have any female executives?

Well, I guess I shouldn't say there aren't any, since the owner's wife has the title of VP. She is a wonderful women and obviously had a lot to do with the success of the businesses. However, the presence of mostly men at the top makes me wonder about promotion strategies. If my goals are to be in upper management, does it make sense to strive for this here? More and more lately, I'm beginning to see why so many women start their own business. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking that route within the next few years. Shhhh....! Don't tell on me.